In 2022, more than 94 % of global game sales were digital



    Digital media dominates the entertainment industry, which of course includes video games. Year by year, sales figures show that while physical games sales continue to fall, digital sales continue to rise and that is exactly what happened in 2022.

    According to GamesIndustry, 72 percent of global console game sales in 2022 were digital, with only 28 percent coming from physical game sales. As for PC, the share of digital sales is substantially higher, thus far it’s not surprising: 88 percent of all game sales in 2022 on this platform come from digital purchases.

    In all platforms combined, 94,2 % of all global game sales were digital, with only five8.8 % coming from physical sales. Of course, it should be noted that a number of publishers, such as Nintendo, do not release digital sales figures and since they aren’t included in the figures, the final figures will likely vary slightly. One thing is obvious. Digital media continue to grow the pie every year.

    The total global revenue from digital gaming in 2022 is $72,8 billion, down 4% from last year. Global gaming revenue is expected to be $17 billion this year, down 10.1% from 2021.



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