How to beat Dragon Geji in Sand Land


    Sand Land players will encounter their first Geji Dragon within the first 10 minutes of the game, and even in story/easy mode, they’re annoying little (big) things to deal with. Defeating the Geji Dragon requires a bit of skill and a lot of timing; It can be more frustrating to leave behind than you think.

    How to complete the ‘Escape from Geji Dragon’ quest in Sand Land

    Although it can be quite intimidating to have a huge creature sneak up behind you while you run away as quickly as possible, the Geji Dragon can be defeated by players of any skill. Even if this is your first action RPG, all you need is some decent reflexes and the ability to count to three.

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    The Geji Dragon will not attack you before going underground, so you don’t have to worry about causing damage to your vehicle and exploding before you’ve had a chance to try this technique.

    When the chase begins, immediately drive to the left or right end of the road. This will allow you to properly dodge the Sand Land Geji Dragon when it is preparing to attack.

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    You must wait for the Geji Dragon to dive underground. Before that, you just drive recklessly and get distracted. Once it dives to go underground, you will see a cloud of sand.

    Once the sand cloud appears, count to three (not slow threes like Mississippi, etc., just “1, 2, 3, GO”) and then swerve to the other side of the road as fast as you can. By doing so, the Sand Land Geji Dragon will have appeared in the middle of the path and you will be safe on the other side.

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    It may take a couple of tries to cut down the time, but it worked for me and I managed to complete this mission without getting hit more than a couple of times. Don’t react too quickly or you’ll get hit anyway!

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    What is the Sand Land Geji Dragon?

    The Geji Dragon of Sand Land is a giant worm-like creature that towers above those it hunts. It attacks in its own territory by chasing its prey and diving underground to strike them from below.

    It has a strange appearance, almost pink in color, with two hand-like appendages on each side of its body. It is covered in dark spikes, has sharp teeth and small eyes.

    Once you’ve defeated the Geji Dragon (well, Rao does, really), you’ll enter another cutscreen and then find yourself at a rest point where you can explore, open some chests, and talk to a sketchy traveling merchant. that rides a blue raptor.

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