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    The release of Minecraft update 1.20.5 Armored Paws brings players the adorable Armadillo mob. To help you find them immediately in your survival world, I’ll show you where armadillos can spawn in Minecraft.

    Where do armadillos appear in Minecraft?

    In Minecraft, there are two types of biomes in which armadillos will appear naturally. The first of these is the Badlands trio of biomes. This includes the normal Badlands biomes and the Eroded and Forested Badlands.

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    The second type of biome they will appear in is the savanna. They will appear on normal savannas, savanna plateaus, and windswept savannahs. I had better luck on the Savanna Plateau, where I found a small family of four armadillos.

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    Armadillo Behaviors in Minecraft

    When approaching armadillos, be sure not to run or ride anything near them, including horses. This will cause them to coil up to avoid you. If you scare them, they will uncoil in about four seconds if you stop running or riding.

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    Instead, I found that the easiest way to befriend them is to approach them slowly. You can then use spider eyes to lure them back to your base.

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    Looking to befriend and tame all of Minecraft’s animals, not just armadillos? Check out our Minecraft Animal Husbandry Guides here at Pro Gaming Guides.

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