How to get armadillo shields in Minecraft


    Armadillo Scutes are in high demand among Minecraft players as they are used to create the newly added wolf armor. I will show you how you can collect armadillo shields in Minecraft.

    How to get armadillo shields in Minecraft?

    Fortunately for all Armadillo fans, we don’t have to hurt the Armadillos to get their Scutes. Instead, there are two Armadillo-friendly ways to collect the Scutes. The first is by picking them up after they have shed naturally, while the second is by using a brush.

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    An armadillo shedding shields

    Armadillos drop a single shield every few minutes while wandering around.

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    Putting them together like this is a slow process that requires no additional resources. If your simulation distance is high enough, you can let the armadillos break up while you complete other tasks like farming and building. Then, walk home and pick up all the fallen Scutes.

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    Brush an armadillo to obtain shields

    Brushing armadillos for their shields is much faster than waiting for them to shed. To brush an armadillo, hold the brush and press the interaction button while looking at the armadillo. This can be done repeatedly on the same Armadillo until the brush breaks. The process can be automated using a Dispenser if you do not wish to brush the Armadillos repeatedly.

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    The downside to the brush method is that you can only use a brush on an Armadillo four times before it breaks.

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    Even a brush enchanted with Unbreaking III can only get 14-18 shields from an armadillo before it breaks.

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    I find this method worth it if you already have the materials to make several brushes. If you don’t, waiting will be your best option.

    How to make a brush in Minecraft

    If you’re not a fan of the ruined structures added to Minecraft, you may not know how to make a paintbrush. All you need is a copper ingot, a feather, and a stick. Place the stick in the center of the bottom row, the copper ingot in the middle of the middle row, and the feather in the center of the top row.

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    Create a single brush and enchant it with Mending and Unbreaking III to save resources. You will be able to use that brush forever on the Armadillos as long as you repair it with XP.

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