How to make wolf armor in Minecraft (1.21)


    Wolf Armor was added to Minecraft as part of the 1.20.5 Armored Paws update. I’ll show you how to make and dye it to keep your precious dogs safe and stylish at the same time.

    How to create wolf armor in Minecraft

    Wolf Armor is crafted using six shields collected from armadillos and a crafting table. Start by placing a Scute in the top left corner of the crafting table. Fill the middle row with Shields, then place one Shield in the bottom left corner and the last one in the bottom right corner. This will give you a piece of Wolf Armor.

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    How to dye wolf armor in Minecraft

    Wolf Armor can be colored with any dye. Place the wolf armor and a piece of dye on a workbench to dye the armor.

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    You can use this to mark your favorite pups, mark dogs destined for different positions, or turn your wolf pack into a rainbow of colors.

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    What does Wolf Armor do in Minecraft?

    Wolf Armor can be placed on any tamed adult dog by interacting with it while holding the armor. It can only be placed by the person who tamed the dog and cannot be placed on babies.

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    Wolf Armor will protect the wolf it is on from taking most of the damage until the armor breaks. The armor will change appearance as the wolf takes more damage. The armor has four stages of durability: new, slightly damaged, moderately damaged, and extremely damaged.

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    If you don’t repair the armor with Scutes during the final stage, the armor will break completely. The number of Scutes needed to repair it will depend on how damaged it is. Interact with a dog’s armor while holding a shield to repair it.

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    Wolf Armor can be removed by using scissors on the dog wearing it.

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