Mil-Sim fans are swooning over the new Modern Warfare 3 skins.


    In the midst of one of the most collaboration-packed seasons Call of Duty has ever seen, fans of the usually gritty realism have rallied with a chorus of complaints, seeing Nicki Minaj line up against them to death. have become ill. Gun on gun war.

    Modern Warfare 2 has followed that path, with more crossovers than ever before to celebrate Halloween in October, leaving the classic all-guilded-up costume as a distant memory.

    But ahead of Modern Warfare 3, faith in the developers has just been renewed, as fans have seen a whole medley of new mil-sim operators and are falling in love with the game all over again.

    The trailer for Modern Warfare 3 is full of new Mil Sim operators.

    Click to enlarge.

    This year, Sledgehammer Games is going rustic from the start, and while there may be a bunch of collaborations in the pipeline, we’re being treated to some pretty straightforward soldiers first.

    The trailer for Modern Warfare 3 showed some of the eccentric skins that will be coming to the game, presumably in Season 1, but for the most part, the operators on display are wearing a range of camo-based outfits that mimic real-life conflicts. Photographed.

    A fan has compiled a list of 12 new Mil Sim costumes that were all seen in the trailer, from desert and sand-themed beige stripes to arctic white and rock blue jumpsuits with blackout night vision and gas masks. Donning included. Stealth suit.

    Modern Warfare 3 fans are loving Mil Sim’s outfit.

    With an abundance of skins finally handed over to these hardcover vets, it looks like Sledgehammer Games is getting its fair share of accolades.

    Very awesome skins, we guys are being well fed. Hopefully this will actually continue throughout the game like in MW19.” said one fan on Reddit.

    I love what they did. They have weird futuristic stuff that I’m not too fond of, but they also have modern skins that are cool. giving both sides,” added another fan.

    Other fans hoped it would do the same, but everyone knew we were more likely to have Superbass than Superman.


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