MW3 Confirms Classic Trick Shots Spots for High Rise


    With Modern Warfare 3 comes everything we loved back in 2009, as all 16 classic maps from the original MW2 title are being copied, pasted and updated to modern day graphics.

    Previously, the developers have claimed that they were reluctant to release these remasters, fearing that the new movement and gunplay mechanics made the scenes obsolete, even though many of them had already been re-released. have been done.

    The news that they’re finally pulling the trigger and flying them out of the chamber and onto our screens, though, has been met with skepticism by fans, who hope to continue the magic without destroying their legacy. Can be retrieved.

    But now, those worries are starting to fade away, as the trailer for Modern Warfare 3 proves that Sledgehammer Games is pulling out every little detail to make sure the maps are a total hit.

    Highrise Remastered will have all the original tricks shot spots in MW3.

    Click to enlarge.

    We already know that Modern Warfare 3 is changing the classic maps somewhat, as they have confirmed that there will be some minor changes in Rust.

    But the biggest question mark was High Rise, as fans will recall that the classic map was full of glitch locations and secret sniper points to act as recon on helicopter pads.

    Now, as seen in the Modern Warfare 3 trailer, all these famous locations will be available in the remastered version.

    As you can see, characters can drive a crane to the far side of the map, access the roof in an attacker’s spin, use the ramps on the side of the map, and generally parkour. Can access many locations that are populated by thousands. montages over the past 14 years since its first release.

    Modern Warfare 3 fans want more classic tricks shot locations.

    While Highrise is getting the classic treatment, the same doesn’t seem to be said for Skydro, as one fan has already pointed out that there are some differences between the OG game and the trailer.

    Call of Duty-centric content creator “Shawston” posted that a feature has already been modified that could remove the good old wall banging trick shots back in the day.

    “I’m skeptical, these are small changes that will add up and take the maps away from their original charm and gameplay,” Shaston said on Twitter.

    Another fan agreed, saying, “The maps will look good but I’m afraid they won’t be exactly the same due to changes in movement and such plus possible doors.”

    With the many, many more goofy locations of Modern Warfare 2’s maps (think Favela Easter Egg too) fans are hoping that not too much is being changed that will take away that genuine nostalgia. .


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