How to get lockpick operator skin pack for MW3.


    Modern Warfare 3’s Lockpick Operator Skin Pack is another exclusive cosmetic available for Call of Duty fans to collect.

    The operator’s skin has a clean navy camo design with a backpack, helmet, and even a knife that matches the blue design of the outfit.

    The lockpick operator skin pack will not be available in MW3’s store and can only be unlocked before Modern Warfare 3’s November 10th release.

    So, here’s how to unlock the Lockpick Operator skin pack in MW3, so you can add an impressive cosmetic to your collection.

    How to get lockpick operator skin for MW3.

    To unlock the Lockpick Operator Pack in MW3, you must pre-order Modern Warfare 3 through the PlayStation Store.

    Unfortunately, this means that this cosmetic is not obtainable for competitors who choose to play Call of Duty on PC or Xbox.

    The Lockpick Operator Skin Pack is a PlayStation exclusive skin, so if you’re a PS user and planning to buy MW3, make sure you pre-order it through the PlayStation Store to get your hands on this cosmetic. do

    Since it’s only available to collect before MW3’s November 10th release and won’t be listed as a store item, Lockpick Operator will be sought after MW3’s cycle begins.

    When will lockpick operator skin be available in MW3?

    Once you pre-order MW3 through the PlayStation Store, the Lockpick Operator Skin Pack will become available. in Game At launch on November 10.

    This means you won’t be able to use the skin in MW2 and Warzone 2 before the release of MW3, but it will be waiting for you.

    So, there is a way to unlock the lockpick operator skinpack in MW3, so you can get the exclusive cosmetic as soon as possible.

    Remember, there’s also a Zombie Ghost skin available to unlock for MW3 ahead of launch and our guide walks you through how to get it. For more Call of Duty, be sure to read our homepage


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