Microsoft admits that it makes games and denies other FTC allegations



    The US Federal Trade Commission filed an administrative complaint concerning the merger between Microsoft and Activision. And now Microsoft has published a detailed answer to the case that alleges that the authority denied all the conclusions and accusations made by this regulator.

    As a result, Microsoft only agreed to the concept that its gaming division Xbox creates, publishes and sells games, and does the same Activision. In every situation, budgets, releaseplans, revenues, sales and monthly activities in the Call of Duty seriesthe company asks to check the detail documents.

    Microsoft claims the merger with Activision Blizzard will have a significant effect on the gaming industry and the game’s production. The company pointed out that the game game was played in a graphics gallery.

    The company managed to block the deal, and the refusal of Sony from Xboxs ten-year offer for a definite release of Call of Duty on the PlayStation cant just say it is a waste of time. Sony has not only the limited ability to play games, but also the contracts for third-party publishers to limit the release of the Xbox.

    The company cites Final Fantasy VII Remake, Bloodborne, Final Fantasy XVI and Silent Hill 2. All of these games are or are about to be PlayStation exclusives and not appear on Xbox in at least one year.

    Microsoft confirmed that it is going to prepare new consoles for PC and Xbox. These three projects are the following. ZeniMax and Bethesda. Nevertheless, they’re single or single.

    The company said that the FTC tried rewriting antitrust laws, before protecting the world’s largest gaming company against competition. The regulator is not considering the real world of the gaming industry, nor does it take into account the basic principles of the constitution. Microsoft is ready to defend its position in court.



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