The Guardian named the top 20 best 2022 games, while with 6 games from Game Pass is the only one to remember



    The journals of the authoritative British portal / the Guardian published their top 20 best games of 2022. The Wordle game was first used in this TOP in the same time that in 2022 was acquired by The New York Times. Elden Ring is second-placed by the winning game. The game won this year’s top honor at The Game Awards. The Xbox X franchise is closing the top three. S is an internationally acclaimed IMMORTALITY game that has been available since the launch of the console.

    In total, there were six games from Game Pass and a top 20 scoreboard from The Guardian, and this is the complete list of the best games according to the British Journalists: “Matthew on the planet” (the list of the best one of the games to play?”

    WordleElden RingImmortality-Differances,Dow, Andree,The Kingdom of the Lamb: An Idol (Dayonetta-Dayonetta) 3Nintendo Switch SportsTotal War: Warhammer IIISplatoon 3Neon WhiteRepentanceOnly WildiIllusion of all the Left and Right: Return to Monkey IslandFalls have the left.

    The game passes are bold. And that’s how the Top 15 from The Guardian looked in 2021.



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