Marvels Avengers: Free Kate Bishop Skin For Prime Members


    Fans of Crystal Dynamics Marvels Avengers can get free access to some of Kate Bishop’s older costumes thanks to the latest collaboration between Square Enix and Amazon.

    That costume, intended for the archer extraordinaire, is now available for Amazon Prime subscribers. Alongside the special Hawkingbird costume, players also get access to a new nameplate, a 3 day Heros Catalyst boost, and a 3 day Fragment Extractor boost.

    There is no platform restriction for this, so anyone who plays the game with a subscription to the Amazon Prime game can claim the costume by heading to the Prime Gaming page and connecting their Square Enix and Amazon accounts.

    ? Members can get a new free offer by looking at Kate’s in [email protected]! The Drop contains items for playing, such as:? A suit for the ‘Hawkingbird’ Kate does? Themed Nameplate? 3. A Hero’s Catalyst? 3. Then, the fragment extractorClaim it now! Iu14r4, 3Days.

    Marvel’s Avengers (@PlayAvengers) January 5:20:23.

    The costume itself isn’t a brand-new costume, just as it was in the game for two years. For those who didn’t have the costume then, as well as those who wanted to play as a different-looking Kate, the costume now available for free.

    For those curious, the Hawkingbird costume comes from an issue of Young Avengers where, after being robbed, Bishop takes over the Young Avengers tower and steals both Hawkeye and Mockingbirds gear, and together the two. After being discovered, the Young Avengers, who jokingly refer to her as Hawkingbird, a mixture of both her heroes.


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