How to contract and transmit STDs in BitLife


    In addition to being born in Alaska and getting a job as a crabber, the other main goals of the Deadliest Catch challenge are to contract various STDs and infect more than ten people. While the task may seem simple, it is quite cumbersome to complete as the game does not provide any details about the infected people and makes you rely on luck to contract an STD while sleeping with random people. Still, there are some techniques you can implement to reduce the search procedure.

    How to get infected with STDs in BitLife

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    The best and fastest way to get infected with STDs in BitLife is connect with people while go clubbing. While clubbing, there is a high chance that random people will flirt with you. Take any offer that comes your way and sleep with her without any protection. Repeat this process, and over time, you’ll contract multiple STDs. If you don’t know how to go clubbing, click on the Nightlife section in the Activities tab.

    In addition to going out to clubs or visiting bars, you can also try sleeping with people in your work circle, especially over 50 years.

    How to transmit STDs to other people in BitLife

    Once you’ve contracted STDs, you can pass them on to other people to finish other goals in the challenge. To do this, simply hook up with anyone without using any protection i.e. condoms. Keep sleeping with other people until you have passed the STD to more than ten people.

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