Dragon Ball Super-Sory Power Absorbed: Prison Planet Saiyans


    Bandai announced the first details of the Dragon Ball Supercard Game set to begin in 2023. This expansion is the third in the Zenkai series – a set block which began in September 2022, and which saw the introduction of Z-Cards and a modification in holo patterns used for rares such as Super Rares, Special Rares and Secret Rares. This set, Power Absorbed (the full name is Zenkai Series Power Absorbed) is the twentieth main set and was then teased as a surprise at the debut of the Arizona Cumber. We have no release date for this set outside March 2023, but Bleeding Cool is going to update our readers when Bandai offers an official street date for this set. Bleeding Cool is going to introduce this new Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansion. The game is set for the upcoming release of a new player called Dragon Ball. First, take a look at another card from the Prison Planet Saga-inspired section of Zenkai’s Power Absorbed.

    Power prepaid cards. Dragon Ball, great player!

    Vegeta and its neighbor, Against All Odds. Where most Super Dragon Ball Heroes novels focus on the Xenoverse versions, the characters above aren’t Xeno Vegeta and Xeno Trunks. These are the Vegeta and the Trunk, as seen in Dragon Ball Super. The Prison Planet Saga catches a fire after the Power Tournament, and brings the canonical versions of many Toriyama characters into the univers of the decentralized, where they meet their Xeno counterparts in some cases. Even during this saga, we see the Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Goku going up to the floor.

    Stay tuned for more Dragonball Super Card Game previews from Power Absorbed, thenext installment of the Zenkai Series. Stay tuned for more as well as other upcoming DBSCG products.


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