Manor Lords developer says this isn’t the game you think it is


    The developer of Manor Lords (Slavic Magic) has told players ahead of its early access release that the game is not what they might think it is.

    in a publish to the Manor Lords Steam pagethe developers clearly state Manor Lords is not a role-playing game like Mount & Blade and that the option for the player to walk around the city is purely cosmetic. I’m disappointed that my avatar is nothing more than a cosmetic. I was hoping to get married and have kids to name generals, but the point of the game is city building, and that’s fine (tell that to my forever single lord).

    Image via Slavic Magic

    Additionally, the dev team behind Manor Lords isn’t a Total War killer, but it does take inspiration from the famous franchise when it comes to combat. I agree with this stance because I’m not really interested in complex hour-long combat sessions while my villagers ask me to build them a tavern and grow more vegetables.

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    And if you’re dreaming of the next fast-paced real-time strategy game similar to Age of Empire, you’d better temper your expectations. Manor Lords has “a more relaxed experience, with moments of high intensity that spice up the atmosphere of the town building.” For me, the gameplay concept of Manor Lords is closer to Settlers or Pharaoh than any other game.

    To further cement its stance of not making false promises, the developer has decided not to publish a roadmap for the time being; They want to listen to the community’s suggestions and act accordingly. That’s great news for all fans of the game, as it means there’s a chance the developer will introduce familiar options for my lord!

    Early access to Manor Lords is scheduled for April 26, 2024. While you wait, check out our list of the best building games for PC at Pro Gaming Guides.

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