All Events in A Dusty Trip and How to Deal with Them (Wind Update)


    From sudden sandstorms to resource shortages, A Dusty Trip is full of events that can challenge your survival skills. This guide lists all of these events and provides practical strategies to ensure you are always prepared.

    How to deal with all the events of A Dusty Trip – Roblox

    Below you can find the list of all game conditions and methods to fix them.

    Shooting from vehicles

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    The Drive-By Shooting is a unique event after 5000M in A Dusty Trip. In it, you will find a group of fully armed NPCs driving a van and shooting at you. If they manage to hit you, it will kill you immediately and cause you to lose all your progress. So how to counter them? You can quickly identify the mafia by the V8 engine of their vehicle, which produces an intense noise from miles away. Using this sound track, stay inside a nearby building. But, if you don’t find one, stay inside the car and travel in the opposite direction. You will still take some damage if bullets go through your windows.

    Heat waves

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    Heat waves are random. When they appear, they will make your screen turn red, wobble, and have a mirage-like effect, making your players sweat profusely. Although they do not reduce your health, your hunger will decrease twice as fast and you will only be able to overcome it by eating more food than normal. Constantly storing a large amount of food in the trunk will ensure that you are always prepared for any heat wave you encounter.

    sand bug

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    You can find various Sandbug hills or holes throughout the map. Each of them will contain a handful of annoying insects. They are passive creatures and will do nothing more than temporarily blind you for a while. So the only advice is: don’t touch them; Even if you do, you won’t take any damage or have to deal with any problems beyond temporary blindness.

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    Sandstorms are similar to thunderstorms but are much easier to counter. During a sandstorm, strong gusts of wind blow towards you and your car, damaging your health. To avoid this, always close all four doors of your vehicle. That’s all! You will be able to continue driving without worrying about anything. But if you’re riding an all-terrain vehicle or motorcycle, all you can do is stay in a nearby building until the sandstorm passes.

    solar eclipse

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    When a solar eclipse occurs, your surroundings and screen will go dark. To avoid this, stop watching the solar eclipse, as it will darken the screen even more, and continue what you were doing. The screen will return to its standard color after the eclipse ends in 10 to 15 seconds.


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    Storms are everyday events in A Dusty Trip. You can find them frequently after crossing the 1500M mark every 10 seconds. It will rain heavily during a thunderstorm, with lightning in random places. The best way to counter a storm is to take temporary shelter inside a building, as lightning will kill you if you don’t have rigid protection. You can also drive through a storm with any four-wheeled vehicle, but be prepared to lose all your gas, your car’s health, and even some of your health if you get hit by random lightning.


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    Just like in real life, a tornado resembles a moving funnel-shaped cloud that can destroy your vehicle and send all its parts flying randomly through the air if it passes through it. However, the probability of that happening is low as you can quickly identify any tornado miles away and change the direction of your car to a safe one or find any building near your vicinity. If you seek shelter, take your vehicle inside the building, as the tornado will destroy your car if you park it outside.

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    As you travel through the desert, you may encounter UFOs in random locations. Many players say that UFOs can abduct you if you stare at them for a while, eliminating you from the game. Still, these are just rumors and no one has concrete proof of what exactly they do for now. I suggest ignoring the UFOs, giving them a wide berth and continuing driving.

    Vehicle problems

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    From time to time, your vehicle may stall for unknown reasons, even if you have adequate fuel, motor oil, or water for the radiators. These are called vehicle problems and the only way forward is to reassemble the car from scratch. So, disable it and fix it again to move forward. We have complete guides on how to fix your car and how to fix your truck at A Dusty Trip, in case you need more help diagnosing and resolving the problem.


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    Sometimes a strong gust of wind blows horizontally in any direction. This strong wind can unbalance your vehicle, fall into the desert and cause death. So how do you save yourself from this event? Well, apply the hand brake And stay still until the wind goes away.

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