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    The Slap Battles glove collection continues to evolve with the release of the Knockoff glove. Since it is one of the most difficult gloves to unlock in the game, I have put together this essential guide to help you unlock the Imitation glove in the game.

    How to Unlock the Knockoff Glove in Roblox Slap Battles

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    The only way to get the Knockoff Glove in Roblox Slap Battles is by winning the Code Breaker Badge. I was able to earn this badge by using the pocket glove, which can be unlocked by spending 26,000 slaps in the spawn area. However, if you don’t have enough slaps, I recommend finding someone who already has a pocket glove in their inventory.

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    Once you have this gauntlet equipped, head into the arena and use its main ability to spawn a Slap Turtle. Then, interact with the turtle to teleport to the Pocket Dimension, where you’ll find a painting of a cat. Now things get interesting here. When you interact with the painting, you will find a safe behind it, into which you will need to enter the seven-digit secret code. “4553293” to earn the Code Breaker badge and unlock the Imitation glove.

    However, during my playthrough, there was initially no way to unlock this safe, as the developers had not revealed the secret code. Many players, including me, flocked to the Slap Battles Discord server hoping to find the code somehow, but we had no luck at the time.

    Fortunately, after several hours of community discussion, the Slap Battles developers finally announced the code and I managed to crack the safe.

    Knockoff’s ability, Off with it, makes your enemies lose their minds when you hit them with this gauntlet. Then, their heads will move away as their bodies lose control. This gives you the opportunity to slap their headless bodies as much as you want.

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