Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Horror Story God Roll and Best Perks


    Spookier times have returned to Destiny 2. Along with Festival of the Lost, the original themed weapon, Horror Story, returns. This time, it has Stasis attached and some pretty cool buffs. Here are the God Rolls to farm.

    How to get a horror story in Destiny 2

    Horror Story is a Festival of the Lost exclusive. Has a chance to appear in completed enchanted sectors, both in the normal and legend versions. For those with a lot of Spooky Season Coins, spins can be chased through Eva Lift in the Tower to get an Eerie Engram and 1000 Candy. Be sure to log in as the event runs from October 17, 2023 to November 7, 2023.

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    Horror story God rolls

    PvE God Scroll – Horror Story

    Those who wanted to channel their inner Sub-Zero can finally do so with the 2023 version of Horror Story. This 450 RPM Stasis Auto Rifle can become a plug-in killing monster thanks to demolitionist and Headstone. With all the other perks that make shooting as easy as possible, the aforementioned combo can work by allowing Guardians to perform all types of explosions.

    • Arrowhead brake: Increases recoil control by 27 and handling by 10.
    • Flared Magwell: Increases reload speed by 15 and stability by five.
    • demolitionist: Weapon kills generate 10% grenade skill energy. Throwing a grenade reloads the magazine.
    • Headstone: Precision final blows generate a stasis crystal on the target’s corpse.
    • nadir focus: Sustained fire increases accuracy and range.
    • Range: Increases range by 10.
    • Counterweight stock: Reduces recoil by 15.

    God Roll PvP – Horror Story

    Rank is the name of the game in PvP. Being able to gain an advantage over your opponent is crucial when hand cannons and bows dominate the meta and allow enemies to take you out in a couple of shots. This variety increases range by a staggering 27 points, as well as mitigating damage falloff.

    • small hole: Increases range and stability by seven.
    • Curized rounds: Increases range by 10.
    • Dynamic roll reduction: Improves accuracy and stability while holding the trigger.
    • Target locked: Damage increases the longer the weapon remains on the target.
    • nadir focus: Sustained fire increases accuracy and range.
    • Range: Increases range by 10.
    • Orientation Adjuster: Increases target acquisition by five.

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