Lords of the Fallen How to Increase FPS and Fix Stuttering


    Lords of the Fallen is a beautiful game with a delightfully gruesome and gloomy aesthetic. I enjoy exploring the world and finding twisted monster designs, although I often find myself worse off after fighting. While I have to blame my skills, I have encountered issues with stuttering and frame rate, which doesn’t help. Here’s how to fix stuttering and increase frame rate in Lords of the Fallen.

    Lords of the Fallen Stuttering – How to Fix It

    The stuttering and FPS issues are especially annoying, considering the nature of the game and its challenging combat. The last thing you want is for your game to stutter during a difficult boss fight. With the solutions below, you should be able to resolve the Lords of the Fallen FPS and stuttering issues.

    • Update your graphics drivers on the NVIDIA, Intel, or AMD websites.
    • Reduce the graphic quality of Lords of the Fallen. Shadows and anti-aliasing are usually good options.
    • Close any other programs or software.
    • Wait for a patch/update.

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    If you’re still experiencing FPS issues and stuttering, your PC may simply not be able to meet Lords of the Fallen’s requirements. If this is the case, you must upgrade your hardware or the problems will persist. Your other options are to wait or not play the game or buy it and play it on a different platform. If you decide to continue, be sure to save your game frequently.

    Why does Lords of the Fallen have frame rate issues?

    Lords of the Fallen is an incredibly grueling and demanding game, especially on PC. You may face problems if your PC does not match the recommended configuration. Even reaching the minimum settings does not guarantee that your PC will be able to run the game well. I ran into problems when I started, but I was able to fix them with the solutions above.

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