Lords of the Fallen 3 Player Co-Op Explained


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    Lords of the Fallen is difficult, so I don’t blame you for wanting to play co-op. When Lords of the Fallen was announced, developer Hexworks confirmed that there would be multiplayer co-op, but players found ways to bypass two-player co-op and increase it to three players. Keep reading below to learn how to play Lords of the Fallen in three-player co-op.

    Does Lords of the Fallen have three-player co-op?

    lords of the Fallen It has cooperative multiplayer mode for three players., But there’s a problem. While you can only play the fluid campaign with a single companion, making it two-player, there is a way around this issue. Can Have a third friend invade your world., but have them help you instead of trying to kill you. With this technique, you can effectively play three-player cooperative mode.

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    How to play cooperative in Lords of the Fallen

    The cooperative is managed through summoning in Lords of the Fallen and not through an item like other soul-likes. Simply locate a vestige, the shrines where you can save your game and interact with it. Select the option to join a player, either a random player or a friend, to participate in multiplayer, or you can select Kill a Lampbearer to invade another player.

    How many players does Lords of the Fallen have?

    Technically, Lords of the Fallen It can support up to three players. in your cooperative. Normally, it’s just two, but using the method above, you can play with a third player. It will not be the same as two-player cooperative. But do allow a third friend to join your party. Unfortunately, their experience will be limited compared to yours and your friends’ because of how progression and item trading is handled.

    I recommend sticking with two-player co-op unless you have a third friend who wants to play with you. I don’t think it’s worth the experience of someone playing invading, but you can certainly try. You also run the risk of your friend distressing you instead of helping you.

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