How to save your progress in Lords of the Fallen


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    No matter what RPG I play, I always try to save my progress as much as possible, and probably too often. However, like most other Souls-type games, Lords of the Fallen is a bit more challenging in terms of saving and checkpoints. Dying is a much bigger consequence when you can’t save as often, so you’ll want to take advantage of every opportunity to do so if the opportunity presents itself. Here are some ways you can save on Lords of the Fallen.

    How to save on Lords of the Fallen

    Unfortunately, saving in Lords of the Fallen isn’t as simple as opening the menu and pressing a button. It’s more of a checkpoint type system that can only be done at specific locations, which makes it more frustrating when you die. There are only two ways to save: Vestigial shrines and Vestige seedlings.

    Vestigial shrines

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    Vestige Shrines are the main way you can save your progress. They are large statues, surrounded by Umbral flowers and holding a lantern very similar to yours in their hands. They are usually found at major checkpoints in the game, such as the entrance to a new area and occasionally before important bosses. When interacting with these shrines, you can select ‘Rest,’ which will save your game, restore your health, and replenish your healing and ammo. The next time you die, you will respawn at this point. Note that “Resting” will also respawn all enemies in the area.

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    Vestige seedlings

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    The other convenient way to save your progress in Lords of the Fallen is to plant your own Vestige, which can be done with a Vestigial Seed. Vestige Seedlings will basically give you the same options as a Vestige Shrine:Rest‘ and level up your skills and will allow you to respawn here if you die.

    How to Plant a Vestige Seed in Lords of the Fallen

    To plant a Vestige Seed, first make sure you have one available in your inventory. So, search white shadow flowers growing on the ground, extend your flashlight and press the vestige button shown at the bottom right around your flashlight skills. A zombie-like creature will emerge from the vines, which you can use as a Vestige.

    How to get vestige seeds in Lords of the Fallen

    Vestige Seeds can be acquired in different ways: by collecting them on the body of an enemy such as swagin a chestor of a NPC character. You will receive the first one from the NPC Iron Wayfarer just before going to fight Pieta. You’ll usually get them before important boss fights or directly after the boss fight so you can save your progress and replenish your health and ammo.

    Always keep your eyes peeled for Vestige Shrines or Umbral flowers growing from the ground as you traverse the world. You’ll want to make sure you take the opportunity to save and heal as much as possible so you don’t have to spawn all the scraps in another area.

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