Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Acosmic God Roll and best perks


    Festival of the Lost has arrived in Destiny 2 and brought with it another new weapon. This year, Guardians can get the first spooky-themed heavy weapon. The Acosmic Grenade Launcher is here to complete the festive Guardians’ sinister loadouts. Here’s how to get it and what rolls to pursue.

    How to go acosmic in Destiny 2

    Acosmic has a chance to appear in enchanted sectors, both in the normal and legend versions, upon completion. Additionally, this rapid-fire grenade launcher can be obtained from Eva Levante in the Tower. Guardians will need to contribute an Eerie Engram and 1000 Candy for a focused roll. Please note that it can only be obtained during the Festival of the Lost, which runs from October 17, 2023 to November 7, 2023.

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    Acosmic God Scrolls

    PvE God Scroll – Acosmic

    The goal of this God Roll is to increase the size and stability of the magazine as much as possible. This will allow the user to fire all seven rounds quickly, reload in just four seconds and fire again, hopefully with more in the magazine thanks to clown cartridge. This is not a roll intended to confront groups of enemies. Rather, it is designed to deal sustained damage against a boss.

    • Intelligent drift control: Increases speed by five, stability and handling by 10, and recoil by 15.
    • Augmented drum: Increases magazine by two and reduces reload speed by 20.
    • clown cartridge: Reloading can randomly overfill the weapon by 10% to 50% of reserves.
    • explosive light: Picking up an orb of power grants a stack (up to six) of explosive light. This grants a 100 explosion radius and 60% increased damage.
    • nadir focus: Sustained fire increases the accuracy, range and speed of the projectile.
    • Reload speed: Increases reload speed by 10.
    • Boss specifications: Increased damage against bosses and vehicles.

    PvP God Scroll – Acosmic

    Being a rapid-fire weapon, Acosmic is not a good choice for PvP due to its nature. The Origin Perks don’t help either, as neither are particularly useful in Crucible. With that in mind, I’m leaning heavily toward having him shoot fast and make big explosions. That way, we’ll still be able to get some kills despite the limited magazine.

    • Linear compensator: Increases explosion radius, stability and speed by five.
    • High explosive artillery: Increases speed by five and explosion radius by 10 while reducing magazine size by two.
    • impulse amplifier: Increases projectile speed by 35% and reload speed by 20.
    • Fountain: Kills with this weapon generate 8% skill energy divided equally between all downloaded skills.
    • nadir focus: Sustained fire increases the accuracy, range and speed of the projectile.
    • explosion radius: Increases the explosion radius by 10.
    • Orientation Adjuster: Aim assist increased by five.

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