Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds (October 2023)


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    In Minecraft 1.18 (the second part of the Caves & Cliffs update), Mojang brought a big change to the world generation mechanics. Provides players with more interesting caves, higher mountains and other impressive geographical features! While version 1.18 was released a few years ago, there are still many players who love it as much as the day it came out. For those of us who want to relive the glory days of version 1.18, we’ve rounded up some of the best seeds for this version of the game in the Minecraft and Bedrock editions.

    1.18 Java seeds

    Looter Lake

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    Seed: -4926667692257011651

    This seed spawns you near two raider outposts, one of which is next to a beautiful lake. The lake itself would be a lovely area to build a riverside town or city! Another Pillager Outpost is located a couple hundred blocks northeast, while a Taiga Village can be found northwest of Spawn. Initially, the seed doesn’t provide crazy hazards or a lot of visual assets, but instead provides beautiful scenery and easy-to-see hazards that make it a comfortable seed for more casual players.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Raiders Outpost: 256.0
    Raiders Outpost 2: 672, -192
    Taiga Village: -352, -448
    Igloo with basement: -696, 264

    winter wonderland

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    Seed: 7423081065082302495

    Winter lovers will love this seed! You appear in a Snowy Plains biome surrounded by Frozen Ocean and Snowy Taiga biomes! The area contains some shipwrecks and ruined portals, but is also home to a wealth of treasure buried beneath the ocean. Venturing south and east from Spawn will allow you to enjoy beautiful winter landscapes, especially with the many towns scattered across the landscape. Head northwest from Spawn for a tropical desert vacation.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Igloo with basement: 296, 520
    Snowy Town with Portal: 160, 1,392
    Snowy Town 2: 1,824,176
    Taiga Village next to the raider outpost: -464, 2,032
    Desert: -1,952, -755

    Witch’s Swamp

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    Seed: 6638732897827489666

    This world begins on the border between a Sparse Jungle biome and a swamp! While life in the swamp is exhilarating, this one is much more dangerous than most: it has seven witches living in it! Fight them throughout the swamp in the hope of glory and riches. When you need a break or just a replenishment, there is a plains village at the northern end of the swamp, between two of the witches’ huts. Defeat them to form an alliance with the villagers!

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Witch’s cabin: -248, -360
    Witch cabin 2: 552, -328
    Witch cabin 3: 568, -920
    Plains People: 240, -928

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    The bamboo garden

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    Seed: -469303486518945144

    This seed spawns you in a ring of mountains containing a bamboo garden. What’s even more interesting is that the ring of mountains is contained within a much larger variety of regular Jungle and Bamboo Forest biomes. If you want to feel like the King of the Jungle, this seed is perfect for you. Build your garden base and achieve jungle supremacy!

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Ruined Portal: -280, 104
    Jungle Temple: -328, -344
    Jungle Temple 2: -248, -792
    Jungle Temple 3: 136, -936
    Village: -360, -952

    The northern border

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    Seed: 8027300948549384115

    In this seed, you appear near three villages, but we’ve focused on the obvious rivalry between the two shown in the image. You have the option of taking the mountain side, nestled in a ring of mountains and well protected, or the town outside the ring. Or, who knows, maybe you’ll join the third town we haven’t even shown you!

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Village: 56, -136
    Town 2: -248, -168
    Town 3: -424, 120
    Forest Mansion: -779, 423
    Forest mansion 2: 500, 1,320
    Forest mansion 3: 855, -1,015

    1.18 Bedrock seeds

    Mansion by the river

    Seed: -501260903

    If you want to make Woodland Mansion your home, this is the best seed to do so. You spawn at 0, 0 and only have to take a short walk to find the nearest Woodland Mansion. The Mansion is located overlooking a huge river that leads to a lake. It is clear that whoever built this mountain house appreciated the beauty of nature.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Forest Mansion: 137, -788
    Ruined Portal: 24, -472
    Village: 776, 200
    Buried treasure: 8, -184
    Buried Treasure 2: -120, -168

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    flower children

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    Seed: 944710140

    If you love flower towns, this is the perfect map. There are three flower towns (towns that spawn in flower field biomes) not far from Spawn in this seed. It is perfect for those who enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Minecraft and want to have access to an advantage in their survival world. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Flower town: -504, -456
    Flower town 2: 152, -456
    Flower Town 3: 328, -1,352
    Ruined Portal: -248, -424
    Igloo with basement: -344, -888

    The good lands

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Seed: -78688046

    This is our favorite seed so far for Minecraft 1.18. You appear in what are supposed to be the Badlands, but the size and beauty of it all is anything but bad. In the Badlands, you’ll find huge craters filled with water, as well as a coral reef in a huge alcove that separates the Badlands from a sizable Savannah biome.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Village: -360, -360
    Abandoned village: -872, -296
    Jungle Temple: 40, 696
    Strength: -812, -844
    Ruined Portal: 120, -280

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