Lokix’s Best Moves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


    Too often the early game bugs in Pokemon (Butterfree, Beautifly, Kricketune) are weak and go away very soon. However, Lokix completely breaks this stigma. He has a decent typing and attack stat, but really shines due to his Tinted Lens ability. With this, even Pokemon that resist Lokix’s moves will take massive damage.

    The best setup for Lokix in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

    • First impression
    • Your turn
    • leech life
    • throat chop

    This moveset really works well if Lokix has the Choice Band item, which increases attack at the cost of only being able to use one move. Fortunately, one move is all Lokix needs. The Tinted Lens ability doubles the power of moves that aren’t super effective, so even Dragapult or Skeledirge aren’t safe from Banded First Impression.

    Most of the time, Lokix clicks First impression or changes. If it’s ever the last Pokemon on the field, Leech Life can allow it to outlast some opponents. Throat Chop is simply there for a strong Dark-type STAB move.

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    What are the best Lokix counters?

    Since even Pokémon with type advantages aren’t safe from Lokix, defensive walls are really the only way to stop Lokix. Garganacl is a great change to Lokix since it is guaranteed to Salt Cure something. Other options would be the physical defense Gastrodon, Clodsire, or Great Tusk. Technically, Indeedee is a check because it overrides Lokix priority, but Indeedee isn’t seen much on teams these days.

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