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    In Vampire Survivors, Gallo Tower’s coffin is hidden in a secret location on the stage. This is what you need to know to find the bonus room and how to unlock Concetta Caciotta as a playable character in the rogue game.

    Where to find the Gallo Tower coffin location in Vampire Survivors?

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    Gallo Tower first becomes accessible in Vampire Survivors after reaching level 60 in the Dairy Plant stage. Once you have unlocked the castle, you can search for a new coffin. Unlike other levels, however, the key item doesn’t actually appear in the overworld and is hidden in a bonus room. To find the Rooster Tower Coffin locationhead north for a few minutes until you find a shiny mirror about him left side of Map. Walk towards the mirror and you will automatically be teleported to a secret room. The coffin can then be found by walking a few feet south of the hidden corridor. With the coffin in your sights, you will now be able to unlock Concetta Caciotta using the method below.

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    How to unlock Concetta Caciotta in Vampire Survivors?

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    Like other unlockable characters in Vampire Survivors, you must first dispatch a circle of enemies guarding his coffin before opening it. In Gallo Tower, the coffin is surrounded by a group of giant Knights. However, they are quite easy to defeat since you won’t have to deal with other enemies on the map attacking you simultaneously. Using items like garlic or King’s Bible can help you push enemies back while still giving you enough space for protection. Area of ​​effect weapons like Cross or Song of Mana are also extremely useful for taking out the party quickly. If you manage to get the Pentagram as a drop, you can also wait in the room for it to activate to auto-vanish all Knights instantly. once the enemies is it so defeated, walk directly in the coffin a unlock Concetta Caciotta as a playable character in Vampire Survivors.
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