How to farm Gil in Crisis Core


    When you equip Zack with the best gear and Materia in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, you will be able to craft some, but you will have to buy others. This can be done in stores, but you will need to have some Gil in your wallet. This may leave you wondering how to get Gil fast in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

    The best way to get Gil fast in FF7 Crisis Core

    When it comes to the best way to farm Gil in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, you’ll want to replay the quests, as you can play through them as many times as you like. The missions in which fight the tonberry they tend to be the best way to get a large amount of Gil quickly. Before starting this quest, equip the Steal either Mug Command Matter, as well as the beautiful watch accessory. Here are the best missions to farm Gil in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

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    • Mission 9-4-5
    • Mission 9-6-2
      • Defeat Holy Tonberry.
      • Steal gold and mithril rollers from Holy Tonberry to sell.

    The Holy Tonberry will fall mithriland you can steal gold rollers from this enemy with Steal and Mug Materia. both can be sold out for great prices in the shops in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, further increasing your Gil crop on top of the Gil that the Holy Tonberry drops. Tonberries are no joke, so make sure you’re prepared to take on these enemies.

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