Legend: Sony TV-smart – RPG – RPG – UHD – 4D – Detailed Footage. Among the few more leaks that I’ll come this year



    According to a post on IconEra, a new unannounced PlayStation game is apparently in the works. That game, which is shown at the time of the first prototype, is apparently a new Sony sci-fi resimulation.

    This leaked game shows the player controlling a character in a third-person POV, while the monster seems to have been climbing up some sort of tower.

    According to the poster, John Elden Ring, the footage is derived from a very early build of the IP, despite being built on Unreal Engine 5, which presumably explains the dated-looking graphics. It’s already developed by Sony’s XDev branch along with an unknown studio. Apart from this, we don’t know much about that game.

    One more piece of the post is likely to reveal more possibilities of leaks. There’s going to be many more leaks this year, so be careful. The post now mentions all of them. It is unclear whether this leak is related to the game or not, as we have had many game leaks in recent weeks. All the other alpha-buildings of Horizon Forbidden West and Halo 3 were recently found online, and there’s even a playable version of the unfinished Duke Nukem 3D, Reloaded fan project. We didn’t get much from this particular leak so it wasn’t unreasonable to assume that we should hear more about this IP sometime this year.

    With Sony’s PS5 selling more units than ever, this unannounced RPG may sell to a significantly bigger player base if the leak proves true.

    – Note that as there are other leaks, take this with a grain of salt for now – until more info surface.

    Source: IconEra Forum.



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