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Avatar continues to rise for the year ahead


In a surprising twist, the multi-drama Blumhouse played a fine job at the January box office. During its debut weekend, the movie has netted nearly $320,000, and started with a $17,6 million Saturday. Another example of why studios continue to count on low-budget horror films (M3GAN was produced for just 12 million dollars) for easy cash.

Outside, Avatar – The Way of Water began its stellar run down the charts. The film exceeded expectations in its fourth weekend, earning an astonishing $47 million to raise the smallest sum in the country. James Cameron’s epic hit the half-billion mark in 23 days, faster than Rogue One: The Star Wars Story and the Top Gun: Maverick, who took both 32 and 32 days to achieve the same total.

The long-awaited sequel has netted a massive £1.7 billion and is only $88 million away from overtaking Spider-Man: No Way Home (1,9B). Lots of people of James Cameron. Avatar grossed 50 million dollars in the fourth weekend at its home site, while The Force awakens paid 42 million dollars to the rest of the country and Spidey swung to 32 million dollars. How high will the water flow? Your advice is as good as mine.

In the meantime, Tom Hanks movie One Man Called Otto grew in 4,2 million dollars in 637 theaters and will continue its expansion in the weeks ahead, while Marvels Wakanda Forever continues its unclean run with four million dollars in Week 9 adding to its domestic total to $445.4 million.

As far as the upcoming weekend comes from, the best news is that it matches the first of those days. Around this time, in 2020, before you know what happened to the fan, 1917 went to $39.2 million in its third weekend (the films first in large release, if I am wrong), while The Rise of Skywalker and Jumanji: The Next Level enjoyed fourth and fifth weekends of $5.05 and $14.75 respectively. Unfortunately times have changed, and, to find a way to find an audience, most revered photographs like Babylon (13,3 million dollars to be seen domestically) and I Wanna Dance With Someone (19,6 million). In spite of that, the numbers from this week to present are promising.

Box office results: Domestic Top 10 – Business Top 10.

1.) 410 (+138) theaters, Fri $11.4M, Sat 22.30M, Sun $12.95M, 3-day 45M (-33%), Total $516.7M/k 4Mk (Sun 2).

2.) 3GAN (Uni) 339 theaters Fri 1,7 Mio, Sat 11,7 Mio, Sun 6,8 Mio. 3day 30,2 Mio. USD/Wk 1

3.) 3 (Uni) 3919 theatres Fri 3,3M Sat 5,9M Sat 3,8M 3-day 3,13M (-22%)/Total 87,7M/Wk 3D 3D Spectan 3D.

4.) The Man Appelled Otto (637 + 633) theaters, Fri 1.5M Sat 1,6M Sun 3M 2,2M 3,3M (37366%) Total 2485M 3,5M 2,7M 2,3M 7,3M 7,66M 4,8M 2K, 2K, Xerox.

5.) Wakanda Forever (Dis) 22255 (-55) theaters Fri 990 K Sat 1,4 K Sun 990 K 3 days 3,39 K (34) Total 444,4 K/ Wk 9 – 455 K/S.

6.) I want to dance with someone (Sony) 3184 (-441 theaters) Fri $700K Sat $1M Sun 615K 3-day 2,4M (-39%) Total 19,6M/ Wk 3?

The Whale (A24) 835 (+212) theatres Fri 423K Sat 638K Sun 479K 3 day 1,5K (+9%) Total 8,5M/Wk 5M$ Total.

(Word) Babylon (2381) theaters Fri 830K Sat 625K Sun 775K 3 day 445K ($14,35%) Total 13,5M USD/Wk 3K Fri 725K Sat 485K (3 days) 345K (3 days) Total 35,000 (4,5M USD) Total 445K ($49,075 K$).

9.) Violent Night (B) – 2981 (-582) theaters Fri 210 k$ Sat 330 k$ Sat 3 – 3 – 65% Total $49.4M/Wk 6 Tickets Total, 3 – 51%, Total, 2 – 7 – 65 k$ Sat 7 – 90,000$

10.) The Menu (Sea) 800 theaters, Fri 111,00 o’clock Sat $309,00 o’clock 3. Day 713,00 o’clock (35%) Total 37,06 o’clock Wk 8 o’clock – 8 o’clock – 8 o’clock – 4 o’clock – 9 o’clock – 19 7 o’clock 30 o’clock.


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