The first prototype of the IV’s Left 4 Dead is unveiled on the internet


    Now comes another leak. Aside from the leak of the CIA, from the 2000s to the 2001s, the CIA is doing a full mission.

    This Left 4 Dead leak is part of a bigger Counter-Strike: Global Offensive leak that took place last a couple of days. And Wolfcl0ck Whole was able to make that map for this prototype playable.

    Where is the “zombie city” map in the css? Go get everything for free, add a nav, maps, etc. The origin of 4 dead is here, folks. Check it out here:

    Wolfcl0ck Whole (@Wolfcl0ck1) January 6, 2023.

    It’s really fascinating to witness these rumors all past few days. I really don’t know what’s happening. I actually like this kind of leaks.

    In comparison to the previous leaks, it might seem somewhat useless. This is not an idea, it means, we can’t expect anything but it’s a prototype.

    Yet, below you can see a video of the prototype below.


    Despite the lowest number of people living on the planet, nearly 40,000 people have died. WOW. Watch this video on YouTube.


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