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    Choosing the right Devil Fruit for your play style is essential if you want to become the ultimate pirate or sailor. To make your choice easier, we have created the Legacy Piece Fruit tier list. Be patient and look for the best ones.

    Legacy Pieces Tier List – Best Devil Fruits Ranked

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    It is important that you choose your devil fruit wisely, as removing it is not easy. Additionally, all fruits can be equipped only once, and when you remove them, they will disappear. Below is a list of all Legacy Piece fruits, ranked from best to worst.

    Level Fruit
    Yes Goro, Hie-Hie (Ice)
    TO Mera, Paw, Smoke
    b Bomb, Diamond, Wax, Weapon
    c Chop, turn

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    The legendary Hie-Hie (ice) fruit (pictured above) is the best fruit in Legacy Piece, as it combines damage with debuffs. Plus, it looks cool, especially the Ice Age move that freezes a large area around you. Below you will find a complete list of Ice Fruit moves.

    • ice bike (X) – You summon an ice bike to travel fast around the map.
    • ice partisan (Z) – Throw an ice spear, allowing you to deal long-range damage.
    • pheasant beak (C) – Your character launches an ice projectile while in the air.
    • ice clone (V) – Creates an ice figure that explodes and deals damage to nearby enemies.
    • Ice Age (B) – Summons ice and snow that freezes and damages everyone in a large area.
    • ice stomp (E) – Hits an enemy with ice, freezing them and dealing damage.

    How to change fruit in Legacy Piece

    To exchange a fruit, you must use Robux or Legacy Piece codes. It’s a much better option to clear the Devil Fruit for free, so just use reset codes when you want to try different moves.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    To redeem codes, start the game, open the game menu by pressing the M button on your keyboard and click the Settings button. Enter the codes in the text box at the bottom of the menu. If you prefer to spend Robux, click the Buy button in the same menu. Scroll down and in the Products section you will find the Reset fruit option for 45 Robux.

    That’s all you need to know about the top-ranked Devil Fruits in Legacy Piece. For more help on Roblox, check out our Roblox Game Codes page on Pro Gaming Guides.

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