How to transfer clan ownership in Blade Ball


    With the arrival of the v3.5.0 update, Blade Ball clan owners can finally transfer their ownership to other clan members. However, the game does not mention where you can find this feature, so I have put together all the steps to help you transfer ownership of your clan in Roblox Blade Ball.

    How to change the clan leader in Blade Ball

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    Follow these steps if you want to transfer ownership of your clan to another Blade Ball player:

    • Throw Blade Ball and open the clan section from the main menu.
    • Click on the yellow Manager button, indicated by the gear icon.
    • Go to Settings and scroll to the end.
    • Tap on the ‘Select membership’ option next to the Transfer Ownership label.
    • Select a member from the list that you want to make the new owner.
    • Hit confirm and save the changes.

    Now, the selected member should be the new leader of your Blade Ball clan. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before following this process. Once you transfer ownership, you will automatically be demoted to the role of member and will not be able to regain your ownership unless the new leader decides to reverse your decision.

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    So make sure you transfer ownership of the game to someone you really trust. Additionally, if a Blade Ball player wants you to be the clan owner, make sure you have earned ten wins or spent 500 Robux in the game to access the clan feature.

    You can also change a variety of other settings in the Clan Manager section, such as clan badge, privacy settings, win requirements, kill requirements, join requests, and even admin logs to organize your group. Blade Ball more efficiently.

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