How to jump in the air to the windmill in Fortnite


    Fortnite x Avatar Elements quests are a fun way to spice up your matches and earn additional cosmetics. I had a lot of fun solving Air Chakra quests, as Air Mythic allows you to move fast and jump very high. Here’s how to jump to the windmill in Fortnite.

    How to complete the air jump in the windmill mission in Fornite

    To complete the Air Jump Elements quest in Fortnite, you must first acquire Air Mythic by visiting one of the Air Elemental Shrine locations and use the Air Jump ability near one of the windmills. Depending on where you leave the Battle Bus, you can either head to the Air Elemental Shrine in the snowy region or one located in the desert area near Brawler’s Battleground (see image below).

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    Once you have acquired Air Mythic, you can focus on finding a windmill. Depending on where you acquired Air Element, you can either head to the windmill located near the gas station near the center of the map or head to the green hills near Snooty Steppes (as shown on the map above).

    When you reach the windmill, approach it and use the Air Jump move. You don’t need to ride the windmill; it is enough to be close to completing the Air Chakra mission.

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    Which Air Shrine and Windmill locations are best for completing the Air Elements quest?

    You can select between two Air Element Shrines to quickly get Air Mythic. You should always look for the closest one when you are in the air. If you are close enough, it is much better to head to the Sanctuary located in the mountains. There are several reasons why this is a good decision:

    • You will find a jump pad near the Shrine of the Elements of Air in the mountains. This platform allows you to launch into the air and glide towards the windmill, shortening your travel time, evading enemies, and escaping the approaching storm.
    • While you can’t slide straight to the mill, you can easily find a car halfway, making your trip safer and faster.

    That’s everything you need to know about how to jump to the windmill in Fortnite. Be sure to check out our rarest Fortnite skins and rarest emote lists, as well as what’s in the Item Shop tomorrow here on MyFullGames.

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