Leaks Reveal Genshin Impact Fatui Harbinger Ratings



    The eleven Fatui Harbingers make up the attractive cast of antagonists of Genshin Impact. They are people who hail from all walks of life and various points in the Teyvat timeline, and now dedicate their services to the Cryogenic Archon of Snezhnaya, the Tsaritsa. Heralds are the highest rank of the Fatui, often sent on risky missions such as retrieving the Gnoses of other Archons.

    Since the Harbingers were collectively featured in the iconic trailer called Lazzo of a winter night, the group has garnered a lot of attention among the player base. The particularly attractive character designs have lit up the creation of fan subreddits, such as r/Arlecchino Y r/DottorePrincipalbrimming with fanart and anticipation for its hopeful release.

    Despite the enormous popularity of these antagonists, little is known about them, so much so that even their ranks remained a mystery until recently, when leakers extracted the information from the 3.4 beta files. Heralds of Fatui are known to be ranked by strength, with first being the strongest and eleventh the weakest.

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    Although it was speculated that Pierro the jester was number one, the leaker @hxg_diluc revealed that he instead plays the role of their leader and does not belong in the ranking system. Meanwhile, the rest of the Harbingers are supposedly ranked as follows:

    1. Captain
    2. doctor
    3. Columbian
    4. harlequin
    5. pulcinella
    6. scaramouche
    7. sandrone
    8. the signora
    9. pants
    10. Unknown (probably left empty)
    11. infant

    The same leaker alleged that Capitano is so strong that he can be considered as the strongest individual in Teyvat, even among non-humans, although the extent of this comparison is unknown. The leaker also stated that Capitano is in charge of managing the army, evident from his encounter with the Varka expedition. Meanwhile, Arlecchino is allegedly involved in espionage activities, which has been made clear in some facets of the game. In The Very Special Fortune Slip quest chain, it was revealed that he ran the House of the Hearth orphanage, where children were raised to become fatui and later likely deployed as spies.

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