Inspired by Snake, Project Snaqe takes a slide to the Xbox



    There is someone who does not play Snake on the Earth? Whether it was by mobile phone explosion ten decades past or on the lookout for a fun little timewaster like Classic Snake Adventures, there is a chance that everyone has a similar experience as Snake. That makes these games inspired by that classic more attractive. Games like Project Snaqe, can you?

    The sequel, which was previously released on Xbox One and Xbox X|S, Project Snaqe from Teggno Interactive and Cube Games is a snab, that entrusts its principal mechanics to a classic Snake formula.

    This price is a mere three yen, while the price for a product dropped for one of those weeks, and will give Xbox players the chance to take a snake-like world with a difference.

    Even though you are not playing as a snake, you want to play the brilliant Snake Pass for that, and instead be given to a subterraneous Navigation Articulated Quarrying Excavator (SNAQE) where you will mine the world around you. Of course, as inspiration flows from the other game, this is a SNAQE, which will grow as you move, and tripping on your tail is very frowned upon in the excavation industry.

    But there is more and less not only will you have to clear the quarry, but also fight the quarry monsters as far as you can, and survive their attacks. That is probably a very simple task in the classic and the beginner games, but expand them to expert and master level level, and you might find yourself in a very difficult game, eventually.

    So think of what it takes to control the sandstorm and rock quarryer? Project Snaqe is available in the Xbox Store, playing on Xbox One and Xbox X|S.

    Try to watch out for that review soon.

    Game Description:

    Project SNAQE is a short-reaching action and precision game inspired by the classic Snake. The game has 3 advanced difficulty levels, and is connected to the classic approach that ties back to the traditional Snake gameplay. Project SNAQE offers a great experience to gamers everywhere, from casual to hardcore. Project SNAQE is a simple skill at first glance and is instructing and challenging and will test your skills, reasoning and solution-finding.



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