Last Epoch finally sets release date


    Fans eager for an ARPG release finally received some positive news this week, as the long-awaited fantasy epic gave some firm release dates in the first quarter of 2024. According to a press release from game director Judd Cobler in the official Last Epoch website, version 1.0 of the game will hit our screens on February 21, 2024.

    Last Epoch 1.0 Release Date and Roadmap

    Last Epoch, billed as a cooperative hack and slash experience, released its roadmap for version 1.0 on Friday, including several previews before release. The complete dates are as follows:

    • January 11, 2024: Item Factions – Trade versus Prophecies
    • January 25, 2024: Witcher Preview – First glance
    • February 8, 2024: Falconer Preview – First glance
    • February 21, 2024 – Latest Epoch 1.0 Release Day

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    Image via Eleventh Hour Games

    In the broader statement, Cobler acknowledged that Last Epoch’s release date was later than we all expected. However, with the sketchy track record of Kickstarter-funded games and a number of recent bug-ridden and half-backed releases, I can’t help but think that waiting for the game to be ready is a more sustainable business model. The busy December release schedule was also cited as an issue.and Cobler stated that they “didn’t want the ARPG community to have to choose” between several new offerings.

    New sustainable content releases every few months Improvements to the game, as well as refinement and balance, are also promised, with everything from new endgame content to quality of life features in the mix.

    To stay up to date with the latest information on the game, keep an eye on our Last Epoch Rune of Power updates page here at MyFullGames!


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