Alan Wake 2 system requirements are scarier than the game


    If you’re trying to decide which of all the available platforms you want to buy Alan Wake 2 on, then this PC system requirements announcement may be your decision.

    The Remedy team finally released the list of system requirements for PC gamers via Twitter, and it may be a little scary for those who don’t own a fully equipped gaming setup. Keep reading below for all the details.

    Alan Wake 2 PC System Requirements

    PC gamers have been eagerly awaiting the release of system requirements for the new horror game in the Alan Wake series, and they finally have them, they just may not be as expected. The Remedy team announced through their official Twitter page what will be the requirements to play without problems on PC. Take a look below at the image they tweeted.

    Image via Remedy Entertainment

    From the trailers and gameplay videos, it was obvious that the graphics in this game were going to be quite a spectacle, but I think we’re all surprised to see how significant they are after seeing the PC requirements. While players who meet the specifications are excited to experience such a detailed visual experience, those who barely meet them, or don’t meet them at all, are left disappointed and worried that the game won’t perform as expected.

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    Less serious players who don’t have the right equipment will have to sacrifice visual quality in order to play this game smoothly. However, one could argue that such an experience is worth it for those who can experience it to its full potential. Those that don’t meet the requirements may have to change things up and try it on a console. Everything will be determined once everyone can jump in and see how well things work or if there will be some frame rate issues.

    There are still plenty of options for how to immerse yourself in the game, whether you meet the PC requirements or not. We just hope that the high quality of the game does not affect the playability. How do you feel about that?

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