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    In the Roblox game Attack on Titan: Revolution, you will face hordes of giant creatures called titans. To be even more efficient against these giants, you will have the opportunity to become a titan! Here’s how to become a Titan Shifter in Attack on Titan Revolution.

    How to unlock Titan Shifting in Attack on Titan Revolution

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    You must acquire the Attack Serum item to transform into a titan in Attack on Titan Revolution. The main method to obtain this item is by Complete a mission on Aberrant difficulty mode (grade A). This is the most challenging mission in the game, making acquiring the Attack Serum almost impossible without the help of other players. Even then, you only have one 0.088% chance of getting the serum.

    List of all Titan Shifter skills – Attack on Titan Revolution

    When you gain the Titan Shift ability, your next step is to unlock skills from the skill tree. Don’t forget to invest in the Arise passive, as it allows you to instantly shift without needing to max out your shift bar.

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    • Hardening – Increases punch and skill damage by up to 20%, punch speed by up to 17.5%, and gives your block damage reduction by up to 25%. You’ll use this primarily for defense, although the attack bonuses are very good.
    • Roar – Regenerates your health over time while damaging and stunning nearby Titans for a couple of seconds.
    • Mastery in boxing – Deal up to 80% damage to up to 1 or 2 Titans with your Titan Strikes, hitting up to 5% faster. Strong attack deals 25% more damage.
    • Corkscrew – Unleash a powerful blow that creates shockwaves in front of you, dealing up to 200% damage to all enemies in its path.
    • Expel – Return to your human form, moving away from enemies.
    • brutal stomp – Use all your weight to shatter the ground with a stomp, dealing up to 125% damage to all Titans and buildings in the area. Any tracker shorter than 15 meters will be executed instantly.
    • Shifter Mastery – Titan’s change bar is reduced by up to 3% per second, with health regeneration of up to 20%, with a total Titan size of a maximum of 15 meters and a gain of up to 550 health.
    • Uppercut – Charges a deadly uppercut that instantly strikes Titans upon hitting, launching their body into the air. After falling back to the ground, the body deals up to 70% area damage to other Titans, depending on its size.
    • Berserk (Yeager Family Path) – You gain up to 20% damage up to 10% speed. As a penalty, you take up to 10% more damage and lose up to 1% of your health per second.

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