This avatar cosplay makes you eager to learn the new animated films



    Avatar: The Last Airbender is by far the most popular animated series of all time. Throughout the summer of its first broadcast in the ‘2000s and the years following, many fans were fascinated by the story, characters and the world around the 4 elements. What great joy happened when Nickelodeon announced new animated films about the franchise. The fan love for this animated movie is evident from the cosplay community.

    The lord of the elements involved in the cosplay cosmos is the lord of the elements.

    A common example of a complex project based on the main character Aang was recently shared by Reddit user khyreezy0_0. In the underreddit: the user is the lord of the elements, who, among other things, seems very good at image editing.

    Since his costume wasn’t successful, but he did it a lot of time. The cosplayer sees the protagonist of the film, with suitably glowing eyes, in a state of fire consciousness. In keeping with his role as an airbender, the avatar of that picture hovers over the ground, too. The lighting and composition of the image make a convincing overall impression.

    While some praise the cosplayers digital work on the subreddit, others could appreciate what the cosplay is without. But for a setting like Reddit, this creation’s more than consistent and should be remembered.

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    It’s popular amongst PC games readers, too.

    This Wednesday’s cosplay comes with a horse.

    Recently, a concert with a horse that’s part of the current Netflix series attracted interest.

    Crazy: Cosplayer a maximum of 500 hours in Demon Brigitte, from Overwatch.

    One of Germany’s best-known cosplayers fulfills a heart desire with a more common language like Diablo and Overwatch.

    Besides the extraordinary plays, we have plenty more.

    In the last few weeks we reported that many cosplays should be seen. Recently a video of Malenia from the Elden Ring caught our eye, which was a great photographer. There are also passionate adaptations of characters like Aloy and Julie from the Horizon games or Wednesday from the actual Netflix series.

    Those: Reddit (r/cosplay)



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