Acer Indonesia presents a special place, for the year ending the year



    , Jakarta Tuesday (20/12), Acer Indonesia, a major player in the national PC industry today (Tuesday 12/20) inaugurated the Acer Exclusive Store outlet located at Pondok Indah Mall, 2, 3rd floor number 314, South Jakarta. The Acer Exclusive Store outlet serves the needs of consumers. These include students showing their Swift series laptops priced starting at Rp. 5 million as well as content creators and gamers, presenting the predator laptop series that are priced starting at Rp. We’re in need of 14 million people.

    The company that provides computers to all of the user says is continuing the pursuit of its promise. Our expansion by presenting the new new store, Acer, at PIM 2 shows us that we are in the position to be closer to customers, to the increasing active lifestyle of consumers who need laptops.

    Laptops are currently an essential service for a wide range of people who come from various professions. Aside from being used by students and workers, demand for laptops with more specifications also rises from content creators, game streamers, video editors and other digital creative industry players. We hope to connect to consumers and meet them quickly, added Leny.

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    In the opening period, the Acer Exclusive Store will open the door to the exclusive store, offering many attractive discounts in total. This includes cashback up to one hundred fifty thousand euros per purchase of certain products, shopping vouchers worth an hundred thousand dollars, free exclusive gadgets, free exclusive merchandise, as well as installment bonuses with a credit of seven dollars. In addition, you might like Acer priority services, warranties or premium protection services for certain computers. The Acer Priority Care program assures customers safety and safety while protecting them from the damage caused by the user’s negligence.

    For more information on the Acer Exclusive Store, you can buy it from



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