How to breed Carillon in My Singing Monsters


    A relatively new addition to My Singing Monsters, Carillong is a race of seasonal monster dragons that appears around the time of the Crescendo Moon. They work together with their beloved Chimekeeper to ring in the new year in style and in tune. This is how you can get your own.

    Baby Carillon in My Singing Monsters

    Chime monsters only appear around the time of the Crescendo Moon, which is an annual holiday that occurs around the start of the new year. For 2023, this event starts on January 18 and ends on January 30.

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    During the time of the Crescendo Moon go to the magical sanctuary. Once there, you will want to raise a roarick Y mushaboom to have the opportunity to get a Carillongo in just over a day. If you end up missing the Crescendo Moon event but still want a Carillong, these cute little monsters can be bred any time of the year in the seasonal shanty combining a I ol with a chat. For any of the combinations, it is not a guarantee that you will end up with a Carillongo, so depending on your personal luck, you may need to replay these combos multiple times before you get the desired monster.

    Once you have a Carillong, you’ll be in good shape for shard production, as Carillongs produce more shards than just about anyone else in Magical Sanctum. If you want to make your Carillon even happier and fully maximize your fragment production, place a fire bush, travelers signeither Path of the Crescendo Moon close to them.

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