Is there character creation in Remnant 2?



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    No matter what game I play, the first thing I want to know is if there is character creation. When I get the chance, I always prefer to play as my custom character, so naturally I was wondering if Remnant 2 had character creation. The first Remnant: From the Ashes featured character creation, so it piqued my curiosity regarding the sequel.

    Does Remnant 2 have character creation?

    The answer is yes-Remnant 2 has character creation. While this feature is quite limited, you can create your custom character at the start of the game. There are several options to select from, but there is no way to edit or modify the available options.

    This means that all the options are essentially what you get. But it’s nice to have the option to give your character the look you want, even if it’s somewhat limited. Creating your own character allows you to best play as your Gunslinger, Engineer, or Handler as you see fit.

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    All Character Creation Options in Remnant 2

    When creating your character, you can select from several templates. These belong to different categories, including Body, Face, Voice, Hair, scars, eye colorand brands. Skin, hair, and eyes have different options for the color you assign to them. These are the options you can choose when creating your character in Remnant 2.

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