Is Dark and Darker down? How to check server status



    Dark and Darker is a PvP and PvE dungeon crawler game where you can play alone or with up to three friends. As a multiplayer game, it is server based for its players to play against each other. Occasionally, there can be issues with the servers, which may make you wonder how to check server status for Dark and Darker.

    How to Check Dark and Darker Server Status

    The best way to check if Dark and Darker servers are down is to follow the official iron mace games Twitter. This is the developer official socialand they release updates regularly, even when servers go offline for maintenance or updates.

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    Why are the Dark and Darker servers down?

    The Dark and Darker servers are likely down for various reasons. The most common cause is likely maintenance in progress or a to update being pushed through, especially during alpha playtesting. During playtests, many players try to get into the game before the playtest ends, which means that the servers may be under too much pressure.

    Finally, the problem could be on your side. This means that you will need to check your internet connection and possibly reset your network. Closing Dark and Darker and Steam and reopening them can also fix any problems you’re having when trying to log in.

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