Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within



    This guide contains the game fix and the complete safe file.

    How to fix some issues and complete the game with a safe file.

    Widescreen fix

    • Download This file.
    • After downloading follow these steps:
      • Open the uniws folder and launch uniws.exe.
      • Find the Prince of Persia folder and enter the preferred resolution and click patch.
      • Go to game folder and open Hardware.ini and change CanStretchRect=1 to CanStretchRect=0.

    Steam Overlay Fix

    • Start the game and minimize it.
    • Open Task Manager and search for POP2.EXE.
    • Right click on POP2.exe in Task Manager and go to Details where you can find the PID number of POP2.EXE.
    • Open Win+r and enter the line (for example if you installed Steam on local disk C, type:
      • “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\GameOverlayUI.exe” -pɪd -manuallyclearframes 0
    • Copy the above path exactly to GameOverlayUI.exe and paste in place of PID number and run the game.
    • After that maximize the game and you can see that Steam overlay is enabled.
    • Repeat this process every time because the game’s PID changes every time you launch the game.

    Complete the safe file.

    Both ends must be done to get the full video gallery in the Extra Features section from the main menu.
    Don’t collect the water sword until the end so it’s easier to do both ends one after the other and save the game.

    Save the list Both endings included + (all video + artwork + weapon gallery).



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