Is Blue Protocol a Gacha game?


    Blue Protocol is an anime-style MMO co-produced by Bandai Namco and Amazon Games for worldwide release. Since the game is still in development, with a closed beta scheduled for early 2023, little is known about its general gameplay mechanics and monetization. However, the anime-style gaming sector is often dominated by gacha games, as seen by Genshin Impact, Epic Seven, Arknights, Neural Cloud, and even the Tower of Fantasy MMO. That leaves fans wondering if Bandai Namco’s ambitious title will follow suit.

    Will Blue Protocol have gacha mechanics?

    In essence, it has been confirmed that Blue Protocol not be completely a gacha game. Instead, the MMO will mainly adopt the traditional monetization method typical of this genre, where certain luxuries and cosmetics can be purchased through a cash shop. Nevertheless, Gacha is reportedly still around. as a optional part of the player experience. Some sources claim that gacha tickets can be used to roll for cosmetics—mainly outfits and mounts.

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    This system is reminiscent of MapleStory’s Jack-in-the-box style, where players can aim for coveted fashion pieces that have no effect in actual gameplay. However, the execution of the cosmetic gacha system has not yet been confirmed. Some sources also claim that gacha tickets can be obtained in-game, so free players can still enjoy dressing up their characters and mounts with the latest tweaks.

    There has also been talk about using premium currency for other cosmetic functions, such as dye production. But the monetary system remains unclear overall. The important thing is that the optional gacha experience means that no content will be locked behind a paywall. Everyone can experience all the classes without shelling out a penny or praying to RNGods. Weapons can be crafted, they do not need to be summoned.

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