Is Another Marvel Game In The Works After Spider-Man 2 Giant Wolverine?



    Insomniac Games has the Adamantium Claws gone, and after saving the day in Peter and Miles Spider-Man 2is ambitious Wolverine The game that definitely moves the charts. But, what comes after that?

    Although known for once Shaft and ring games, Insomniac has made a name for itself as the master of Marvel. We’ve yet to explore the potential of the Marvel Gaming Universe, but now that Insomniac has two major Marvel IPs, it’s about to have three.

    Insomniac working on mystery AAA game?

    with Spider-Man 2 Released in 2023 and Wolverine‘s release window is still under wraps, you’d assume Insomniac will be busy for the foreseeable future. Now it looks like an unannounced plan is in the works as well, so let’s open the floodgates and start the rumor mill about what it might be.

    In an interview with Full Sail University, Insomniac project director Erin Eberhardt confirmed that she is working on an “unannounced” AAA game. While she wasn’t ready to reveal the unannounced game, she said she was excited that Insomniac allowed her to “experiment and play.”

    With the news of another Insomniac game, fans are speculating as to what it might be. Oh Shaft and clinic, resistance Reboot, or another Marvel game. Please be the next Ratchet or Rivet game!” one cheered, while another added, “For the love of God! Please be Jack and Dexter! I’d lose my mind if I found out that naughty dog ​​gave them rights.”

    Another champion Spider-Man 2 A spin-off for Tony Todd’s Venom. Returning to Marvel, someone else suggested the clearly brilliant idea of ​​an X-Men title: “They’re hiring for a multiplayer game. My guess is X-men. Wolverine is the perfect first step to introducing all kinds of mutants into Insomniac’s Marvel universe.”

    Where is our Marvel Gaming Universe?

    Marvel's Avengers game with Spider-Man

    Click to enlarge.

    Crystal Dynamics | Marvel Comics

    It could all be so easy. of 2018 spider man Easter eggs for Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Daredevil are included, all with viable ideas for spin-offs. Then again, players were also left confused about crystal dynamics. Marvel’s Avengers Being a completely irrelevant title.

    was also Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Which turned out on its own and was unrelated. spider man or The Avengers. The slate of Marvel games is currently on full show, with EA Motive’s Iron Man outing, Monolith’s Black Panther, and Skydance New Media’s Black Panther/Captain America game.

    None of these seem connected, but if Insomniac was wise, it would capitalize on the potential of its gaming universe. Rocksteady is doing it (albeit a bit late). Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Wolverine There is already a Hulk tease.

    Whatever Insomniac is working on, the team isn’t ready to reveal what it is just yet. If you were really smart, you would create one Across the Spider-Verse-esque game where you get to play as different spiders from the Spider Society.



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