Where to Find Berg Barge and Coral Buddies



    Fortnite Triggerfish Quest: Where to Find Burg Barge and Coral Buddies

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    Are you ready to tackle Triggerfish’s Quests? Fortnite? Coral buddies are nowhere to be found, and FortniteOf Resident war fish are on trial. played latest weather.

    This primer has everything you need to complete your Triggerfish quest, including where to find Berg Barge and Coral Buddies. Fortnite.

    All fortnite triggerfish quests

    All Triggerfish Costs in Fortnite

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    Triggerfish’s Quests follow Aura’s Quests as the latest in the series. in Game Challenges called Snapshot Quests. Below is a complete list of triggerfish searches:

    • Collect Ammo (250)
    • Dealing damage to opponents while in water or in a boat (100)
    • Talk to Brian about the rare coral beach location (1)
    • Collect the coral specimen at the secret island location (1).
    • Collect coral samples in the field and analyze them with research instruments (1).
    • Collect area scans from research instruments (2)
    • Free and collect fish from coolers, ice machines, or chests (3)
    • Investigate the barge for signs of coral buddies (1)
    • Confront Turk and Riptide about Lonely Coral Buddy (2)
    • Report results and get more instructions from Triggerfish (1).
    • Get more instructions from Triggerfish (1).
    • Hit headshots or eliminate opponents (20)
    • Challenge Turk or Riptide to a duel and defeat them in battle (1)
    • Talk to Turk or Riptide.
    • Save Coral Buddies in Berg Barge’s Cave (5)
    • Back to Triggerfish (1)

    There is also a secret hidden quest to admire the Coral Buddy plushie!

    Where to find Triggerfish, Bryne, Turk, and Riptide in Fortnite: All Locations

    You have to travel all over the island to find all the characters in the Triggerfish quests.

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    Triggerfish, Bryne, Turk, and Riptide are the main characters in Triggerfish’s Quests. In the process of completing these challenges, you will need to interact with all of these NPCs at least once and most of them multiple times. Therefore, it is important to know where they all hang out.

    • Trigger fish: Patrols the coastline northwest of Shattered Slabs.
    • Brian: Patrols the beach southwest of Kenjutsu Crossing.
    • Turkey: Burg Barge
    • Riptide: Burg Barge

    Where to find Burg Barge and Coral Buddies in Fortnite

    Discover the secret cave in Berg Barge where the Coral Buddies are held captive!

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    Coral Buddies are missing, and Triggerfish needs our help to find them! After completing various tasks to prove their dedication to the cause and assisting Triggerfish and Princess Brian in narrowing down the location of the Coral Buddies, it is determined that the Coral Buddies must be in the Berg Barge.

    Berg Barge is a landmark near the northernmost point of the island in the Ice Biome. Venture north of the Shady Stilts, and you’ll eventually come to the Berg Barge on the Snowy Coast.

    Your first visit to the barge barge will be to investigate it for signs of coral buddies. After confirming the existence of the Coral Buddies aboard the Burg Barge and passing on the intel to the Triggerfish, you’ll be tasked with confronting Truck and Riptide and obtaining information — through the Force — on where to find the rest of the Coral Buddies.

    It turns out that Turk and Riptide have captured the Coral Buddies and are holding them hostage in a cave on the Burg Barge. There is an opening in the ice wall directly south of the barge on Berg Barge. Enter this cave, and you will find all the lost coral friends!

    Bring the Coral Buddies home to the Triggerfish to complete the Triggerfish quest. Fortnite. Completing all of Aura’s Quests awards over 450K Season XP and a special Triggerfish Emoticon. If you want to complete Fortnite Pass and unlock Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle. Fortnite Optimus Prime Outfit as soon as possible, there’s no better way to do this than by focusing on Snapshot Quests like Triggerfish’s Quests.



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