Coinplay storms at Gam3 Awards



    The Gam3 awards were held on the 8th of December and paved the way for first award ceremony of all kinds. There was a night to show the best talent in web3 this year.

    The ceremony was a way to earn a reputation in this changing economy. The panel and gamers voted for the best games you know and loved.

    Thanks to gameplay and graphics, the game has risen dramatically this year. Millions of Active Wallets have been recorded and billions of dollars have been entered in the space, both institutional and retail.

    Let’s take a look at how the Gam3 game awards homaged the blockchain’s gaming efforts this year.

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    Which games did this match feature?

    At this year’s Gam3 Awards, there were 16 categories in the section Web3. The games developed by Polkastarter Gaming, and selected a highly coveted award would give some of the best games a chance of winning.

    This year has launched several different web3 related prizes and awards so we hope that the trend continues. With over 200 games shortlisted, it became a tie-up competition for the most recent accolades.

    The four categories and three recipients of the Web 3 awards were the following:

    • The Year of the Year: Big Time.
    • The most recent game, Shrapnel.
    • One of the best figures in graphic design: Stars and Atlas.
    • Best Action: Superior.
    • Best Mobile Play: Thetan Arena!
    • What’s the best adventure game?
    • Halloween Party: Blankos are a group game for the nappy, and the blips are a band.
    • Best movie: Illuvium.
    • The Most Good Shooting Game: The MetalCore.
    • Best Strategy Game: Gods tycooned.
    • The best card game of the year: Gods Unchained.
    • a great Multiplayer Games like
    • Measuring Worldly Games:
    • Great Content Creator: Brycent
    • Peoples Choice Awards: Kingdom of the arts.
    • Games Choice Award: The Harvest.

    The panel of judges elected all of the above awards. However, a judge will also decide that categories like Peoples Choice, Content Creator and Games Choice are selected externally.

    The Game teams voted for Peoples Choice and Best Content Creator Awards which promote community-like thinking.

    Play To Earn @ PlayToys.

    The Gam3 Awards panel included those who were representative of Web3 companies, such as:

    • Animoca Brands
    • Solana Foundation
    • BNB Chain
    • Fractal
    • Polygon
    • DappRadar
    • Immutable X

    The above winners of the Gam3 Awards had been placed in an all-time pool of $1 million! The funding comes from companies that are in the web3 industry like Immutable X, Blockchain Game Alliance, Machinations, Ultra, Naavik, Galxe, Hacken, Venly, HackenProof, Shorooq, Elixir, Arcade and MetaCon.

    Games are judged on the game’s accessibility, game, replayability, graphics and game experiences. All these criteria have changed very dramatically over the last 12 months. The access to a blockchain game never has been easier. The game can take place on a number of platforms, and players include their best best crypto wallets for gaming, mobile appstores and a support for the free download.

    All over the world, in October to November, DappRadar recorded over 800,000 unique active wallets in multiple networks. This number may turn 2023 into a number.

    Overall thoughts on the Gam3 Award.

    Firstly, congratulations to everyone who was chosen, winner of awards and were part of the ceremony. Whilst it was evident that many titles would have earned their titles. That there are some irregularities to the winner.

    Star Atlas is a promising game after the release of their Beta on the Epic Games Store, but they won an award despite not having yet done the full release. In addition to the short movie that has been presented to us so far, can’t be compared to a game that has had multiple stages of his project released like Phantom Galaxies.

    Des Weiteren, it might be better if voters at home vote in the next round of awards. The individuals on the panel represent companies that had a shortlisted competition for awards, possibly showing some.



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