How to use the shiny key in Destiny 2 (2023)


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    If you’re looking to complete the Rivensbane title in Destiny 2, you’ll need to complete the Last Wish collections page, which can be difficult to achieve. The Ermine TAC-717 is one of the items on this collection page, but it must be obtained through a secret chest in the Last Wish raid. This ship can only be obtained with a shiny key and requires several steps up front. Here’s how to use the Shiny Key in Destiny 2.

    How is the shiny key used in Destiny 2?

    Spawn the chest with Wish Two

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    Before you can use the key, you must generate the respective chest. To do this, launch the Last Wish raid in The Dreaming City. Then, once you’ve jumped into the crystal passageway, continue through the raid until you come to a fork in the path. On the left, there will be a pool of water, and on the right, some stairs. Go left and jump to the stone area. From here, walk forward and jump over the water, onto a narrow rocky platform. After jumping onto the narrow platform, get on the elevated path and continue forward.

    Teleport to Morgeth’s encounter with Wish Five

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    Once you reach the Wish Wall room, enter Wish Two and Wish Five into the photographing the icons until they match each image, then step on the circle in the center of the room. Repeat this for each wish. Wish Two will spawn the Glowing Key secret chest and Wish Five will take out your fireteam and teleport you to Morgeth.

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    How to find the secret chest

    Once you’ve cleared the Morgeth encounter, continue the raid until you reach an open landscape. From here, head right up the mountain, then start up the slope. When you get to the top of the mountain, the chest should be present. To open the chest, hold down the interact button. Now, you have obtained the Ermine TAC-717 ship and used its shiny key.

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