Destiny 2: How to ‘Visit a Weapons Expert’



    Shortly after completing If You Choose to Accept It, Part IV, the Guardians will be tasked with visiting the Weapons Expert. Veteran Destiny 2 players should immediately recognize who he is. However, with so many New Lights joining the sci-fi shooter and looter game, these Kinderguardians may not know who to look for.

    Where to find the weapons expert in Destiny 2

    There’s only been one weapons expert in Destiny 2, and that’s Banshee-44. Everyone’s favorite Forgetful Exo can be found in the Tower, just to the right of the main transmat location. Banshee-44 should be a familiar daily to all Guardians as it doles out daily and weekly quests that reward upgrade materials. He also sells two randomly chosen weapon mods each day.

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    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Banshee-44 has been around since day one of the original Destiny. The Gunsmith even received a bit of lore dedicated to him when the Beyond Light expansion dropped. He actually fits Season of the Seraph very well, as Clovis Bray has a huge presence in both instances. The reason it’s so appropriate is that Banshee-44 is actually Clovis-1. After resetting himself 43 times during a Vex invasion, Clovis-1 opted to erase all memories of him in order to forget the monster he was. Thus Banshee-44 was born. Although his long-term memory of him has been damaged forever, this Exo knows his trade better than any other.

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