How to use the FC 24 companion web app


    EA Sports FC Ultimate Team features many ways to customize your own club, recruit the world’s best players, and take on opponents both online and offline. I can spend hours customizing my club, adjusting rosters and exploring the transfer market. Creating the club of your dreams can be time-consuming, but fortunately, there is a way to customize it on the fly. Here’s how to use the FC 24 Companion web app.

    What is the FC 24 Companion Web App?

    The FC 24 companion web app is a comprehensive way to customize your club, adjust lineups, upgrade players and trade on the transfer market, all from a desktop, smartphone or tablet. You can also collect rewards from SBCs, Squad Battles, and online games without having to use your console.

    To use the FC Ultimate Team companion web app, go to EA Sports Ultimate Team Web App Website and log in to your EA account. Additionally, you can download the FC Ultimate Team mobile app to use on your smartphone or tablet.

    Everything you can do in the FC 24 companion web app

    Once you log in to your EA account and open Ultimate Team on your console, you will be able to have full control over your club before playing real matches on your console. From the main menu, you can access tabs to control your club, from setting up rosters to collecting rewards.

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    To adjust your lineup, you can select the Squads tab and easily change players, set formations, custom tactics, and view your team chemistry with different player combinations.

    One of the best features of the FC 24 companion app is the ability to trade players on the transfer market. While you’re not playing on your console, you can still search the market for new players, trade players to earn some coins, and possibly find good deals for players throughout the day.

    Image via EA Sports

    You can customize your club from the companion app. From the main menu, select the Stadium tab. You can then seamlessly customize your club, including changing uniforms, badges, ball, celebrations and crowd sounds. You can also change your stadium by going to the Structures, Stands, or Field tabs to select the custom rewards you have earned for those areas of the stadium.

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