Modern Warfare fans mock the famous death with a new skin.


    The hardest part of the current Modern Warfare 2 campaign was seeing the swineherd calling the shots.

    Even though he eventually turned into the weasel we know him by siding with the Shadow Company, our skin crawled in the short time we got to work with Shepherd.

    After all, his betrayal was the most damaging piece of Call of Duty cinematography ever, and now with the rebooted series, fans are using this bad memory to bring back some of our most beloved characters and new skin. They are joking.

    Modern Warfare 2 includes a Flaming Ghost skin.

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    Ghost has seen a lot of love in recent weeks, as he’s been pushed into the limelight, possibly taking over Task Force 141 from the dead hands of Captain Price.

    Recently, he has been awarded a special skin for Zombies, which has been loved by fans. Now, a recent Modern Warfare 2 bundle has literally set the ghost on fire.

    The new Tracer Pack Elementals: Magma Flow bundle features the “Pyro” Ghost skin, which sees flames shoot out of the skin, literally watching the character burn across the map.

    While this is a crazy edition for the skin and seems to be quite popular for its apparent value, fans have been quick to point out that it has sick connotations, and that Shepard’s betrayal still leaves a hole in our skulls. Surprised by this joke.

    Modern Warfare 2 fans join in on the burnt ghost jokes.

    Immediately, fans remembered how Ghost was set on fire in the original Modern Warfare 2 title, and were horrified to relive the scene.

    But it wasn’t long before others jumped on the bandwagon and took a turn. to roast the ghost “Oh look they made a ghost skin from the old MW2 campaign.” said one fan in a thread on Reddit.”The skin name should have been Toast.Another fan added with a popular comment.

    Maybe the inverse prediction didn’t catch on fast enough, but now that it’s out there, you won’t see Pyro without a swing in your heartstrings.


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